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I woke up in a great mood this morning, after having a great day yesterday. Then I started processing the news.  Now - I'm looking at shoes. Just shoes. That's about the only thing I can find right now that doesn't feel like arsenic for the spirit.
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:( what news?
Nothing in the personal life; everything on that front is copacetic, so no worries there. Just everything from Amy Winehouse, a musician whose music I was quite fond of, to the massacre in Norway, our esteemed asshats in Washington playing brinksmanship with our national economy, and by extension, the future of our children and grandchildren, a mass shooting at a skating rink over in Grand Prairie...yeah, shoes. They're pretty, my waist size doesn't matter, they don't have a political Simple escapism.

I can remember in September 2001, changing my home page to the weather channel, just so that I could be greeted by something that didn't give me heartache and distress. With the temperatures lately, I'm about to start making it Zappo's.