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At last...

So - 4th quarter 2014 can suck it, and good riddance to it. That being said, brightness began to return with the safe birth of the latest g-kid, and the safe separation of D and pack from an inhospitable domestic situation. All insurance hooferah over the totalling of Willow has been resolved, physical issues seem to be on the mend, and today - I got My Newest Car.

Morrigan is the new and improved recon vehicle - I so loved driving Willow that I had to get another RX-8. Three weeks to get her shipped in from Connecticut, inspected, and declared fit for Texas soil. If anything, she's even more nimble than her predecessor - whee!!!

Onward to a new year, with renewed focus and joy. Opened up my first investment account in many, many years - let's see if this will be more interesting than retail therapy.
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